Aukey PL-BL02 3X HD Telephoto Lens

  • ₱1,999.00

  • Telephoto Lens: Add a 3x prime (fixed focus) lens to your phone camera to capture closer shots of live sports events, wildlife, and other more distant subjects. Get in on the action and transform your smartphone photography
  • Long-Distance Shooting: Take photos with shallow depth of field (narrow zone of focus) even when there’s some distance between you and your subject. Put backgrounds out of focus for an attractive, soft effect and let the subject fill the frame
  • Premium Material: Crafted with aluminum alloy for high durability & deluxe feel, and coated multi-element glass to minimize ghosting, reflections, lens flare, and other light artifacts
  • Easy Use: Screw the telephoto lens onto the included clip and fix safely & securely onto your mobile device in moments, then just align accurately with the device camera for a super-sharp image. The clip’s soft rubber contact points ensure your device remains free of scratches and marks. Keep your lens in the protective pouch or EVA case (both included) for better care and more convenient carry.
  • Model Number: PL-BL02
  • Lens Type: 3X Telephoto
  • Materials: Optical Glass, Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 76g / 2.7oz


Versatile Camera Upgrade
Turn smartphone photography into a true art form. Take shots that stand out from the crowd and don’t be limited by the fixed perspective of your smartphone camera. Experiment with different effects and fields of view.

Premium Grade
Our lenses are crafted with aluminum alloy and multi-element coated optical glass to minimize reflections and lens flare.

Find Your Focus
Take photos of breathtaking sunsets, wildlife, and sports in action with 3X optical zoom. Bring distant subjects and objects closer for perfect portraits, focused cityscape sights, and select landscape details.

Universal Compatibility
Easily clips on to any mobile device with included clip. Fits the front and back cameras of most smartphones and tablets, and even works with laptop webcams. No complicated setup, no special mounts needed, just clip on, focus and click for high impact 3x telephoto images and videos.

Note: Not compatible with the dual-lens cameras of phones such as iPhone 7 Plus

This Product is covered by 18 months local warranty

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